Welcome to the Georgetown Neuroscience Foundation

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The Georgetown Neuroscience Foundation (GNF) is developing a longitudinal Brain Health Study aimed at identifying the factors that contribute to neurodegenerative diseases, conditions closely associated with aging — Alzheimer’s, frontotemporal disease, Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease or ALS, multiple sclerosis and traumatic brain injury. To better understand the factors that lead to these diseases, GNF developed a community-designed research study that will collect health information from participants using a web-enabled data entry portal. Individuals ages 18 and older are eligible to participate. See the Enroll in Pilot tab to get started.

  1. mdouglas

    As we continue to organize our groundbreaking brain study, our goal is to make each of you better informed on the research at the leading edge of neurosciences. Beginning in 2021 we shall introduce you to the “hard” science and work to make sense of the molecular detail behind the most recent advances in neurological disease research. While this is not directed at the layperson we will try to walk you through the work at the very front lines of neuroscience research in this area. This will pick up on some of the molecular details on why things like hydration, sleep, and exercise are important. For this, we will provide summaries of the very latest neuroscience research from high impact peer-reviewed research journals. These carefully vetted observations “hard science” will offer important educational leads to the potential treatments we hope to identify. Go to the Resourcess drop down on our web-site to explore.