The Pilot Study is closed as of September 1, 2021

The GNF completed our initial pilot survey on July 31, 2021. This survey was a joint effort of the Department of Neurology at the UT Dell Medical School and the families of the Georgetown community and beyond who have engaged with us to be part of the Georgetown Brain Study. Over 400 members of the GNF participated in the survey which is closed at this time. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED

What’s next?

Since the completion of the study in the data is being analyzed and will be used to assist the GNF medical advisory board and our clinical partners in the organization of the Foundation for future study protocols. This analysis should be completed soon and we will make the information available to the GNF membership. Remember that any study subject identification and information each of you provided has been de-identified according to FDA regulatory guidelines.

Enroll in future protocols of the the Brain Study

For the vast majority of you that participated in the Pilot survey, you will automatically be invited to enroll in additional protocols under the Brain Study. For those who have not received ongoing educational updates from us please go here to sign up. You will be part of a worldwide community that starts here in Georgetown, Texas to be better informed on the long-term care of your brain and also part of a legacy that will guide researchers for years to come.